Who's who?

  • Miss Green
    She loves Canada and baking.
  • Miss Leedale
    She used to have a silly hat and is far too happy!
  • Mr. Creegan
    He's a football star, Head of Year 9 and an all-round good bloke.
  • Mr. Dalgleish
    He's been teaching longer than most of us have been alive. Now part-time, Mr. D. is with us 2.5 days a week.
  • Mr. Steel
    He loves his Rugby League and strong tea.
  • Mr. Weare
    He loves coffee and can't stand still!
  • Ms. Neale
    She's our new and enthusiastic Head of Department. Welcome to Bruntcliffe!
  • Ms. Stuart
    She's back from Maternity Leave, doubtless full of energy!